Sunday, January 4, 2009

Services Available

At present, I travel from Salida north to Leadville, up US 285 to Fairplay, west on US 50 to Gunnison and Crested Butte, over Poncha Pass as far as Crestone, and east on US 50 to Texas Creek. I tune pianos and peform minor repairs including string replacement, damper, hammer and pedal repair and other adjustments as required, often at little or no additional charge. My fee ranges from $50 for a tuning in Salida to a maximum of $90 for tunings in the farthest reaches. I try to carry the most-often-needed parts and supplies with me. I can also make minor repairs to reed (pump) organs. This includes cleaning of reeds and unsticking of keys. I hope to be able to recover bellows in the future. This takes more time and is rather expensive because of the rubberized cloth used. I will look at electronic organs but will not attempt repair unless I feel it is a mechanical problem. I prefer not to waste your money or my time, so I will not charge to look. I do offer appraisal service for any piano for insurance, sale, or donation tax deductions. I generally do not charge if you are donating an instrument.

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