Saturday, January 17, 2009

Places I have tuned pianos

I often tune pianos in schools and churches, but most often in private homes from unheated log cabins with no light in the winter to mansions. I enjoy tuning pianos in summer camps, in beautiful lodges in the mountains, sometimes in the winter with a big fireplace on the other side of the room, other times in the summer before the guests arrive, and it is very quiet. Now if only I could get the mice to stay out while the people are away... I tuned a piano in a 2-story stone hogan with only a cat on the windowsill to keep me company. Another time, I had two dogs under my feet at all times while I worked. Cats enjoy my toolbox and frequently curl up in it. Sometimes they sit beside me on the bench; I recently tuned while a cat matched the pitch of the note I was adjusting. She could only reach a limited range, but her accuracy was uncanny. Another cat patted my back as I tuned the bass strings. I enjoy tuning so much that I would go almost anywhere to do it, but it is best when I am alone and it is relatively quiet.

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